A swarm of bees surrounded the aircraft’s twin engine turboprop delaying its 6.25am takeoff to 7.22am.

Guess what caused this Hyderabad-Pune flight to be delayed by an hour bees
Social Aviation Wednesday, August 02, 2017 - 14:11

Early morning flights aren’t the greatest. You almost never get proper sleep and then there’s the whole waiting and formalities to be done. And add to that the flight being delayed! It’s as if your compromise on sleep was for nothing.

Something similar happened with passengers on an Alliance Air Hyderabad-Pune flight on July 26. The flight was due to take off at 6.25am but was stalled till 7.22am. The reason? A swarm of bees! Seriously, a swarm of bees surrounded the aircraft’s twin engine turboprop, reported Neha Tripathi for Hindustan Times.

Watch the video published by ANI on Tuesday, here.

“The swarms of bees kept coming and settling on the wind screen of the cockpit, not allowing the pilot to push back,” Air India spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar said. While the aircraft door was shut to prevent bees from entering the aircraft, the pilot informed the Air Traffic Control. A repellant spray had to be used to get rid of the bees.

This was reportedly the first such incident in five years and a Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) official said that they would look into the matter. Pilots also said that beehives should not be allowed to grow in airport premises for safety reasons.


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