Voices Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 05:30
The News Minute| May 24, 2014| 2.00 pm IST New Delhi– Counting over, accounting and auditing has commenced across offices and ministries as Prime Minister- designate Narendra Modi prepares to take office on Monday. Sources are telling The News Minute (TNM) that Air Traffic Control at Palam airport in New Delhi is compiling and collating data about take offs and landings at the airport between January and May 2014. Included in this data collection are the names of at least six people who enjoy special protection and who have flown in and out of the country frequently over the past few months and weeks. The Civil Aviation Ministry is tight-lipped about this. A similar exercise is underway at the Union Ministry of Culture. Sources tell TNM funds to the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation since the mid 1990’s as well as to three other trusts are expected to undergo an audit and accounting over the next few weeks and months. While some have been quick to point out that information that is now been gathered may be used against the parties and persons in concern during parliamentary debates or investigations, others say it is routine work and attaching needless importance to it serves no purpose. Narendra Modi has also activated foreign policy and national security conversations in the capital. The effects of the new regime are sharply evident across sectors as the “outsider” Prime Minister sets in place could be a roller coaster ride for Delhi’s usual suspects.