Google Pixel 2017 to look very similar to its predecessor, to have single camera setup

Google has reportedly opted to do away with 3.5-millimeter headphone jacks on its offerings this year.
Google Pixel 2017 to look very similar to its predecessor, to have single camera setup
Google Pixel 2017 to look very similar to its predecessor, to have single camera setup
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Google’s next set of flagships, the Pixel and the Pixel XL have been in the news for quite a while. Most of the bits and pieces of information received so far, it was expected that the phone might include the latest smartphone design concepts and features followed by the other majors.

It now appears, however, that Google has advised HTC, the phone maker commissioned to make the next lot of Pixel phones, to stick to some the time-tested features and not to tinker with them too much.

The images from leaked renders indicate that the bezels are very much there and there is even the suggestion that the earlier expectation of the bezel sizes being reduced has since been abandoned.

While the top players in the industry like Samsung and LG have already released their phones with full screen displays and Apple might follow suit next month, Google’s decision to stick to the old pattern is mystifying.

On similar lines, the renders indicate that the Pixel phones to be launched by Google will sport only single cameras in the rear. The trend in the industry is moving towards dual camera setups and many brands have successfully launched their smartphones with such twin camera setups. Market observers are unable to grasp Google’s idea behind continuing with the conventional features with their prestigious hardware.

Observers however point out that there are at least two features where HTC will bring in some new elements to the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL phones to be made by them.

One relates to the inclusion of its BoomSound technology represented by two stereo speakers to adorn the front of the new Pixel phones. This is expected to boost the audio reproduction quality of the phones substantially.

The other relates to the feature found on the HTC U 11, called squeeze-sensitive frames. By using this squeeze technology several functions on the phone can be controlled and it is all part of the Edge Sense feature found in top HTC phones. These two will figure in the Pixel phones to be released in this year.

Lastly, there is at least one department where Google is toeing the line of the other majors. This is with regard to the 3.5mm audio jack. It is now being claimed with some amount of certainty that this component will be off and won’t feature in the new phones, the Google Pixel and the Google Pixel XL.

Image source: Evan Blass/Twitter

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