Google to officially shut down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ on April 2

Google launched the Inbox by Gmail app in 2014 to increase productivity with features that let users automatically generate replies, create bundles, and more.
Google to officially shut down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ on April 2
Google to officially shut down ‘Inbox by Gmail’ on April 2
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After announcing that it will be shutting down one of its apps Inbox by Gmail, Google has now officially revealed that Inbox by Gmail will be seen for the last time on April 2. Google has been posting this message “This app will be going away in XX days” as soon as the users open the app. It is a kind of countdown and warning to the users to transit to the regular Gmail.

Google had already moved several of the features available on Inbox by Gmail to the regular Gmail, but some still remain. It will definitely be a loss to the users of this app. On the same day, April 2, the social media platform Google+ also shuts down. This was also informed earlier. Google’s attempt at creating a Facebook like site did not take off and the company decided to close it down.

Brought into existence in 2014, the Inbox by Gmail tried to address the issues faced by users who had to deal with a large number of mails each day. They could get relief from the app as there is an auto reply provision; mails of a particular nature could be bundled for viewing later and so on. There were other such features that the Inbox by Gmail users had got used to, but will miss them badly now.

Even those, who out of nostalgia want to download the app and use it are finding it difficult to locate in the Play Store. Google has possibly made it harder to find and it may completely disappear after April 2.

Some features the regular Gmail users are now enjoying, like Nudges, inline attachments and Smart Reply etc. are all from the Inbox by Gmail app. However, not all of Inbox by Gmail’s apps will be available on the default Gmail app.

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