There have been complaints about issues surrounding screen burn-in, ‘black smear’ on the screen and audio popping.

Google could face lawsuit over Pixel 2 XLs display issues
Atom Tech Shorts Monday, November 06, 2017 - 09:43

In a latest development, a law firm in the US has created a dedicated webpage in which users of Google’s Pixel 2XL can post any issues they have faced with the phone. It is learnt that the webpage has already received sufficient stuff for the law firm to go ahead with its objective.

The major issues being raised relates to the OLED display on this smartphone. One is that there is a screen burn that results in an image being retained on the screen even after the user has opted out of that image. The other issue relates to black smear, again to with the display screen.

Some people suspect that the screen burn-in issue is due to certain user interface elements. Google, on its part, has reacted to the complaints by saying that they have tested out the phones and that the Pixel 2XL handsets that LG produced for it (Google has commissioned HTC also for this) may be having this burn-in issue.

The company feels this is a fallout of the OLED technology being used and it is also within the acceptable norms in the industry. Google has said, if it is if any help to those who have already bought the phone, it is prepared to extend the warranty by one more year to make it 2 years.

The other problem, regarding black smear, is also said to be linked to the OLED display. However, the expert view is that only the lower end OLED displays should face this issue and not with the high-end devices that a Google Pixel 2XL is.

A third complaint, of some electronic whistling and clicking sounds being heard during a voice call has also been received, but it is said it is not backed by any sizeable number of complaints being received. It is also reported that Google is issuing replacements where such complaints have been received. There are even reports of some users turning off the NFC module and finding that the issue goes away.

If the law firm does go through with its lawsuit, it could damage Google Pixel’s image as a smartphone brand. This might also bring to the fore Google’s effort at acquiring the smartphone business of Taiwan’s HTC and own up more responsibility towards the quality of the handsets.

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