Is 'Gone Girl' inspired by Agatha Christie's life?

Is 'Gone Girl' inspired by Agatha Christie's life?
Is 'Gone Girl' inspired by Agatha Christie's life?
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The Newsminute| November 8, 2014| 2.33 pm IST 

The current box office hit Gone Girl may have been inspired from famous mystery novelist Agatha Christie’s real life. The story that revolves around a famous woman’s mysterious disappearance in light of her rocky marriage to her not-so-famous and unfaithful husband may ring true with the Christie’s own brief disappearance in 1926.

According to a report in The Independent, the similarity between the movie and the novelist’s disappearance is striking. Right after the release of her book ‘The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’, Christie staged her own disappearance for 11 days. Her disappearance was widely documented by international media, which noted that 15,000 volunteers took part in the nationwide search for the author. The police eventually found her staying in hotel in Harrogate, England under an assumed name – just like the protagonist, Amy Dunne, in Gone Girl. The true reason for her disappearance was never uncovered, but it was widely speculated that it was to do with her disintegrating marriage. Her husband, Archie Christie was having an affair with a younger woman, as was Nick Dunne, Ann’s husband in the film. Christie’s behavior was pegged as a stunt to avenge her husband leaving her for another woman.

(The famous novelist, Agatha Christie)

Gone Girl is an adaptation of the book with the same name, written by Gillian Flynn. Flynn is a self-proclaimed Agatha Christie fan and seems to have paid tribute to her life through her book, but has so far not made any comment on the striking similarity between her story and Christie’s life.

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