Flix Monday, June 01, 2015 - 05:30
The ongoing battle over advertising between the Delhi editions of The Times of India and the Hindustan Times has escalated and while TOI has caustically called its competitor its “guru”, HT have referred to the former as a “cry-baby”. The leading dailies in the NCR region have resorted to a slugfest via advertising and over advertising. While the TOI has an issue with the 12-page HT supplement “HT 2 Minutes” not carrying over ads from the main issue of the newspaper, HT has given a sore loser tag to the newspaper. The TOI also had a message for advertisers who didn’t find their ads featured in the HT supplement which is carried by Hindustan, the Hindi newspaper of the group. “We recommend you send a search party for your ads, because they seem to be missing in action,” the TOI advertisement advises. A recent article in the media news website exchange4media.com has TOI’s Executive President, Brand Function, Rahul Kansal, calling HT 2 Minutes a "Scam Product." The war-over-advertising between the two dailies isn’t a new development either. Pot-shots had been initiated by a report in the Economic Times, a TOI group newspaper in June last year. The HT had a response for the Old Lady of Boribunder the following day.