Globetrotting Kerala tea-seller couple who toured 18 countries visits Dubai

While Vijayan and Mohana saved up and took loans to tour 18 countries, a travel company invited them over to visit to Dubai.
Globetrotting Kerala tea-seller couple who toured 18 countries visits Dubai
Globetrotting Kerala tea-seller couple who toured 18 countries visits Dubai
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Remember the tea-seller couple from Kerala who defied all preconceptions and travelled to 18 countries together, despite their modest earnings?

For 67-year-old Vijayan and 65-year-old Mohana, who run a tea stall in Kochi, travelling has always been on their minds. The duo saves as much as they can and take out a loan for the rest to fulfil their shared dream of seeing new places and exploring new skies. Once they pay back a loan, they plan the next destination.

Three days ago, the couple landed in Dubai, on their second visit to the city. This time, Dubai-based travel agency Arooha Tours brought them over on an all-expenses covered trip.

According to Gulf News, Vijayan and Mohana had first visited Dubai way back in 2008, but as a stopover on their 18-day trip to Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Palestine.

Sharing his experience about the trip, Vijayan called Dubai a “miracle city” and said that the offer from the travel company had come as a pleasant surprise.

While their short visit to Dubai in 2008 did not allow them to visit many places owing to financial constraints, those disappointments were resolved in this trip.

The duo visited Burj Khalifa, Miracle Garden and Global Village, apart from going on a dhow cruise, a desert safari and a city tour during the three-night, four-day trip.

In 2016, the couple went to Thailand, which was their 18th international trip together, after ticking off their dream destination of the US from the list. Vijayan and Mohana have been to Britain, France, Austria, Egypt, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore amongst other countries.

Their tea-stall is the couple’s only source of income and Vijayan had once told TNM that his father had inspired him to dream about travelling.

“I got the obsession of traveling from my dad; he took me to different places since I was 6 years old. We went to Madurai, Palani and many other places. Those travel memories with my dad helped me unleash my dreams,” he had said.

Vijayan and Mohana, who headed back to Kochi from Dubai on Sunday, are already planning their next trip together. China and Antartica are on the cards next.

Pictures from their other tours:

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