Geetu Mohandas responds to designer Stephy Xavior’s allegations on ‘Moothon’ work

Without taking names, Stephy Xavior had alleged that Geetu had removed her from the film ‘Moothon’ without a clear explanation.
Geetu Mohandas responds to designer Stephy Xavior’s allegations on ‘Moothon’ work
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Filmmaker and WCC member Geetu Mohandas took to social media to respond to allegations raised against her by costume designer Stephy Xavior. 

Stephy, a state award winning costume designer, had earlier alleged that Geetu had removed her from the film Moothon without a clear explanation and without compensating Stephy for her services. 

On Wednesday, Geetu said that there was a lot of misinformation in Stephy’s allegations. 

The Moothon director also added that her collaboration with Stephy for the film was not effective. 

“As a director, my work expectations were different to the outcomes produced by you and this was in my opinion communicated to you in person. I believe that it could be my mistake that I failed to inspire you to deliver better or maybe failed to see that you did not get a closure in the matter,” she wrote. 

Geetu added that the entire film’s costumes were designed by fashion designer Maxima Basu and when she had left for maternity leave, the team had got in touch with Stephy Xavior for a small portion. 

“Our association was not fruitful and the entire events that transpired following your entry and exit was clearly observed by my entire cast and crew and they can vouch for the same,” she added. 

Geetu also added that the circumstances behind their conservations and Stephy’s account of it was absolutely false. “People who know me well know that I am quite capable of such unwarranted anger and I am certainly not proud of it. In fact I might have spoken far harshly that you have mentioned. However, there is a lot of misinformation in your version of the events,” she said. 

Geetu added that her team informed her that the costumes which Maxima had made after Stephy’s exit from the project were taken by Stephy from the studio without any of their knowledge. Following this, a conversation was had with Stephy’s assistant, she said. 

“There was a state of panic since we had just two days left to leave for the shoot. Your assistant informed us that the costumes will not be returned unless we settle your entire payment, although none of your ideas let alone a costume was used in the film. Within the time provided by your assistant, my producer had cleared all your payments,” she added. 

Geetu also says that she had called Stephy repeatedly for a conversation but was not met with a response. She also asked why a complaint was not registered by Stephy before the film released last year. 

“I am questioning the intent behind this defamation now which seems to be quite timely. So please observe that. This is exactly what we should not be doing to each other. Women lynching women. If my actions have hurt you, I am still ready to meet and have a conversation,’ she said. 

Responding to model and actor Ayesha Sultana supporting Stephy’s allegations and criticising Geetu, the director added that Ayesha had no connection to the film whatsoever. 

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