Out of the six contestants who have left the show so far, Gangavva is the only one to have done so voluntarily.

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On Saturday’s episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 4, Gangavva quit the show due to health reasons. She was regularly attended to by doctors, and had previously expressed that she wanted to quit the show after just the second week. In Saturday’s episode, Gangavva left the Bigg Boss house and joined Nagarjuna on the stage. She interacted with the participants and revealed her opinions of each of them, calling Sohel a ‘tempered’ person and Monal ‘hardworking’. Before leaving, Gangavva saved Akhil from this week's elimination. 

Jordar Sujatha, a TV news presenter, was also evicted as a result of getting low votes after being nominated for eviction; Sujatha’s confusion and frequent fights with participants for minor reasons seem to have irked the audience. However, her eviction left Harika, Amma Rajasekhar and others in tears. Interestingly, Gangavva predicted Sujatha’s elimination before being evicted herself.

In her post-eviction interaction with Nagarjuna, Sujatha said she never expected this development. She added that she had the best memories of her life in the Bigg Boss house. She dropped the 'Bigg Bomb' on Sohel, which means that he must do the dishes for the entire week.

Jordar Sujata is the sixth contestant who exited the show since the new season began. Surya Kiran, Karate Kalyani, Devi Nagavalli, and Swathi Deekshith were the other contestants who were evicted; Gangavva has voluntarily exited the show.

Nagarjuna expressed his frustrations to some of the housemates when they did not maintain proper behaviour in the house. He gave them a strong lesson and warned Akhil and Abhijeet for pulling Monal into their argument. He also asked Abhijeet to stop putting people down on the basis of their qualifications. Previously, Mehboob used obscene language inside the house, which earned him a warning from Bigg Boss. In this weekend’s episode, Nagarjuna directly warned him about his actions in the house. Not everyone expected Nagarjuna to reveal this other side of him during the reality show, but he executed it flawlessly.

The show’s pace has picked up, and it remains to be seen what is in store for the audience for the next 100 days.  

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