news Thursday, April 09, 2015 - 05:30
VK Singh's 'presstitute' comment has caused severe outrage with even the BJP distancing themselves from the controversial remark. After the former Army General in a tweet on Tuesday night had mentioned the term with reference to the media, he was subjected to criticism from various quarters.  A Union Minister with the Central government, Singh has issued the following statement regarding the matter:  Since 2012, I have been repeatedly attacked by certain 'media workers' who have published stories that were not only cooked up, but also did enormous harm to the institution that I was heading, the Indian Army. All this happened under the watch of the UPA Government who had their own agenda to try and defame me, and certain individuals who were willing to be their mouthpiece took full advantage of the situation in the hope of currying favour with the establishment. When I fought back and defended myself, the institutions these individuals represented, simply hardened their stand and continued to unleash more and more vitriol in the hope of harming my reputation. So much so, that even after the last Lok Sabha elections and the change of Government, these attacks have continued unabated. Specific stories that had been planted and their immediate sources were identified and a complaint was filed to the Home Ministry in November 2013. However, the Government of India, perhaps not wanting to take on these 'media workers' who would hide behind the larger umbrella of the 'National Media', failed to act. The journalists concerned, emboldened by the fact that they seemed to be unaccountable for their actions, have since not only got away scot free but have been keeping up a steady flow of misinformation.  The unwritten code that exists in the media that they will not write or say anything against 'their own' results in a person being publicly condemned with absolutely no real options. Theoretically, one has legal recourse but in reality that is an impossibility as media houses have deep pockets and can wear anyone down. The Press Council too, is not an option, for it is dominated by some of the very people who are playing the game of using the media to discredit individuals. Government of India, the only body with the teeth to take action, prefers to keep a low profile in the matter for any intervention leads to howls of protest about the media being gagged etc. It is time that the media itself seriously looked at creating an effective watchdog organization that has the power to actually nip this malice in the bud. Today the media's own credibility is at stake and unless there is effective internal policing, this problem threatens to go completely out of hand. Only those who have been targeted by such stories know how vilified and helpless they feel. Even to get a basic rebuttal published in the same newspaper is an ordeal as sanctimonious editors sit in judgement like thanedars asking the victim to prove his innocence before they will put two lines in small print somewhere saying they are sorry.  The media is one of our great strengths as a nation and if it has to be protected from being seen as compromised, then it is vital that we collectively push for a regulatory body. I ask the Broadcasters Association and the Press Council and all the hard working honest to god journalists (who thankfully are still in the majority) to put their heads together and come up with a solution that gives an individual targeted by the media a fair chance. I would be happy to forward the complaint that was filed with the MHA to the Broadcaster's Association, should it publicly commit itself to forming an impartial body with specific time lines."
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