Football stars to turn temporary ceilings: Flex banners in Kerala to be reused

A Kozhikode organisation plans to use the massive flexes and banners put up by football fans to help families cover their broken roofs.
 Football stars to turn temporary ceilings: Flex banners in Kerala to be reused
Football stars to turn temporary ceilings: Flex banners in Kerala to be reused
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There is a running joke among the football fans in Kerala that if their favourite team is eliminated from the World Cup, the flexes that they put up to support the teams can be used as a shelter to cover broken roofs.

The World Cup fever and the monsoons arrived in Kerala at the same time. Following tradition, fans of various teams were out on the streets in Kerala, erecting mammoth flexes and banners of their favourites.  

Blood Donors Kerala (BDK), a non-profit organisation which arranges blood for patients in different hospitals during emergencies, decided to turn this joke into a useful venture.

“There are lot of houses in Kerala with broken roofs and the people living in these houses have to suffer a lot as the roof starts leaking every time it rains,” Siraj, a member of the Kozhikode wing of BDK told TNM.

“Most of these families do not have the money to repair their roofs so they try to adjust it by putting sheets or posters on the roof,” says Siraj.

On June 28, the Kozhikode wing of BDK put out a Facebook post urging football fans in Kerala to lend them the flexes they put up during the World Cup, so that they can hand it over to homes that need them.

“This is for the attention of those fans whose teams have been eliminated from the World Cup. If you don’t plan on using the flexes that you put up for your teams, please send them to BDK. We can use your wonderful flexes to cover the broken roofs of Kerala, so that the people don’t have to worry about water seeping into their homes when it rains,” reads the Facebook post put up by BDK Kozhikode.

This initiative has been taken up the other BDK wings across the state.

“We have been receiving a lot of messages from fans associations and clubs across the state, who have promised to send us their flexes,” said Siraj.

“Firstly, we will go and find out which all are the areas or houses that are in desperate need of these flexes. And then, we will collect all the flexes, and once that is done, we will hand them over to the various houses,” added Siraj.

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