Focus more on prevention of crimes against women and Dalits: KCR tells police

Telangana CM KCR was addressing police and forest officials at Pragathi Bhavan on Wednesday.
Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao
Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao
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Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao conducted a high level meeting with senior police and forest officials at Pragathi Bhavan on Wednesday. While appreciating the police force for maintaining law and order in the state, the CM asked them to focus more on preventing crimes against Dalits and women.

According to the official note sent by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO), the CM said it was unfortunate that incidents of atrocities against Dalits are being reported from various parts of the country. KCR wanted that the society in the country should distance itself from such incidents. He also explained to the police the need to take precautionary measures to prevent any untoward incidents against the Dalits. He wanted the police to focus more on the preventive measures and be alert.

The CM further said that the responsibility to prevent any attack on the weaker sections of the society by the stronger sections lies with the state police. “As a part of this, all the police personnel from the higher officials to the lower rung officials should become part of the society, they should perform what is called friendly policing giving respect to each and every citizen without any discrimination and thereby enhance the spirit of policing. The police should behave with humanitarian values when the weak and meek approach them for help and protection,” the note added.

In the meet, the CM has also reiterated that the Telangana government was laying more emphasis on protection of women and the state police should put in extra effort in this regard. Meanwhile, commenting on the sale of banned substances, the Chief Minister said there is a need to control and eradicate the sale and supply of banned substances like ganja.

While addressing the forest officials, the Chief Minister also instructed that stern action should be taken against those plundering the forest wealth. “Due to the negligent attitude of the past rulers, timber smuggling became an easy business for some but the Telangana government had taken a serious note of it. The civilian police should also join hands with the forest officers to put an end to smuggling,” added the CM.

Speaking about the welfare of the police department, the CM said, “Police officials retiring from service should get their pension settlement on the day of retirement and they should be respectfully sent to their homes the same day. Those who have served major part of their lives in the department, should be dropped in a vehicle till their residence on the day of their retirement. This tradition should continue,” the CM said.

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