Five things Chandy & co need to keep in mind as they assess defeat

Chandy says he never expected the loss
Five things Chandy & co need to keep in mind as they assess defeat
Five things Chandy & co need to keep in mind as they assess defeat

1. Bipolar politics in the state just went out of the window

Even when the UDF seems to be in the overall second position, it is a fact that in many constituencies where a three-cornered contest was on the cards, it was the NDA which actually came a close second pushing the UDF to third place.

This translated into a win in the Nemom constituency which ensured that the lotus finally bloomed in Kerala with O Rajagopal all set to become a first-time MLA.

2. Corruption just does not pay

The ruling front came under massive scrutiny following allegations of corruption with the solar scam, bar bribery scam, land scams and the like that served to reinforce the deeply underhand nature of the incumbent government. 

And by retaining tainted ministers in the cabinet, Chandy only served to acerbate an already worsening situation.

3. Personal charisma alone need not translate into a shield for the tainted lot

Even when Chandy himself won with a majority of over 27,092 votes despite solar scam accused Saritha Nair leveling all sorts of personal allegations against him, his personal charisma could not shield fellow cabinet ministers K Babu, KP Mohanan and Shibu Baby John from defeat. 

PK Jayalakshmi -the sole female presence in the UDF cabinet- too had to pay for the supposed sins of the majority.

4. Erosion of vote-base does not bode well for the UDF

In most constituencies where the NDA emerged as runners-up, it is reported that it was the traditional UDF vote base that was eroded to a large extent leading to a transfer of votes to the third front. 

There have also been allegations that the Congress and the UDF were working hand-in-gloves with the BJP to ensure an LDF defeat which visibly backfired.

5. Stop behaving like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand

Despite tremendous criticism that the government received for its alleged corrupt practices and cover-ups, Chandy seemed not just hell-bent on digging a grave for the UDF but also provided the nails to the coffin by seemingly turning a blind eye to the glaring lapses by colleagues and allies alike. 

He tried to defend the entire lot with the puerile justification that one should learn to differentiate between mere allegations and solid proof of evidence.

Well, he just paid the price for it!

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