Five reasons why Kabali is not your regular Rajinikanth film

From playing his age to the Ranjith-Rajnikanth combo, here are some reasons why.
Five reasons why Kabali is not your regular Rajinikanth film
Five reasons why Kabali is not your regular Rajinikanth film
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One need not list down reasons to watch Thalaivar’s film. Kabali, however, is an exception because it has been promoted as director PA Ranjith’s film in which the superstar plays the role of a don. Here are five reasons that make Kabali not your regular superstar film.

Rajinikanth playing his age: When was the last time Thalaivar played his age? Using a fake beard and playing an older character doesn’t count. While most filmmakers have tried to portray 65-year old Rajinikanth in his youngest avatar over the last decade, Ranjith somehow convinced him to play his age. And going by the promos, he has rocked the look. And if you thought you missed watching Thalaivar from his prime days, then the 20-minute flashback portion where Rajini from the 80's makes an appearance, will be a treat to watch.

A Rajinikanth film sans clichés: As much as a hardcore Rajinikanth fan might not like it, Kabali is a very realistic film and one that doesn’t feature any clichés usually associated with superstar’s films. You won’t find Thalaivar flipping a cigarette, beating an army of bad guys to pulp and mouthing pages of dialogues. Nevertheless, Kabali is packed with a few mass-appealing moments and Ranjith has assured in his interviews that these scenes will send audiences into frenzy.

Rise of actor Rajinikanth: Even though Thalaivar himself has admitted that he never considers himself an actor, his fans might not quite agree with him. Much before Rajinikanth was rechristened as superstar, there was a fierce actor who wowed critics and audiences alike with several memorable performances over the years. In his recent interview to The Hindu, veteran filmmaker Mahendran said, “Today’s generation don't really seem to know how talented an actor Rajinikanth is. They seem to know only about his stylishness. He said that we haven’t seen more of the actor in Rajinikanth, and went on to call him an outstanding character artiste. Ranjith, too, reiterated this fact recently and had said that Kabali will bring back the actor Rajinikanth.

The Ranjith-Rajinikanth combo: Shouldn’t it be a Rajinikanth-Ranjith combo? I know most people asking this question would argue that it’s unfair to give Ranjith all the credit. Before you jump the gun, one should know that it was Rajinikanth who said Kabali belongs to Ranjith. It’s really interesting to know how Ranjith succeeded in working with superstar without being swept off his feet by his aura. Their combination has certainly raised expectations and if it works, it will not only mean success for the film but also pave way to many such collaborations.

Stronger female characters:  Since Ramya Krishnan as Neelambari in Padayappa, most heroines in Rajinikanth’s films have merely been used as eye candy. Kabali, according to Ranjith, will break that monotony, as it will present its actresses in the most powerful roles. In one of his recent interviews, National award-winning editor Praveen said Radhika Apte has an equally important role to play opposite Rajinikanth in the film. Dhansikaa and Ritwika will also have heavyweight roles.

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