Saturday, March 21, 2015 - 05:30
  Disciplining students is a quality that many colleges brag about. But many colleges take the word discipline far too seriously. Same is the case with many engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu. What started a practice pf discipline, especially by colleges run by the Jeppiar Trust has spread to many other colleges in the state. Some engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu have taken 'discipline' too seriously! Here are some crazy rules. This isn't fiction and it's really as real as it can get!  1.NO TALKING TO THE OPPOSITE GENDER   It's a blanket ban. No talking to the opposite gender anywhere in campus. Not even to clear study-related doubts. 2. ZERO TOUCH No, not even a handshake is allowed. Suspension or dismissal is imminent. 3.WALK, EAT, SIT... SEPARATELY   Different walking lanes, canteen counters and even staircases for girls and boys. 4.GOONS (ERR) SQUADS WATCH YOU The picture is a bit much, but life is dismal not just inside campus, it's the same outside too. Squads watch malls, cinema theatres on weekends. (This is not fiction) 5. BUSES FOLLOW JAIL RULES Iron bars, ropes inside buses to divide girls and boys. AND THE FITTING FINALE! SOME DON'T EVEN SPARE TEACHERS. Some colleges have taken the restrictions to a new level! Male and female lecturers cannot speak with each other. Tweet Follow @thenewsminute Also read- 
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