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The News Minute | January 27, 2015 | 5:31pm IST 1. You can never lose your Suit  When you pay top money for a suit like what PM Modi wore during his meeting with Obama on the lawns of Hyderabad House on Sunday, you also want to keep it for as long as possible.  According to a report in The Times of India, the designer of the suit, Raakesh Agravwal, said that the name was not embroidered but hand woven, and it requires a special fabric which can cost anywhere between Rs 80,000 to Rs 5 lakh.  So when you actually have your whole name hand woven all over the suit thousands of times, you tremendously reduce your chances of having your suit stolen. Also the chances of finding it if you lose it and claiming it as your own are very high. So go ahead and give it to the cleaners, dryers, iron wallah without any worry…   2. You don’t need to introduce yourself  You are busy gorging on pani puris and someone approaches you and asks for your name? No problem!  You can continue stuffing yourself with the sumptuous delights – just point anywhere on your suit, and they can figure out your name!!   This can also help if you are attending a social event, and are tired of introducing yourself.   3. No need to share your suit – EVER  Owning a suit itself is a big thing in India. So chances are that you neighbour, friend , relative and probably anyone remotely connected to you might ask if they can borrow your suit.  Unless they actually share your whole name and chances of that are a million to one- you are in safe territory!!!   4. A solution to all your ‘name’ problems…  Have a difficult-to-spell name? Remember Ranchod Das Shyamal Das Chanchad? Or how about Matthew McConaughey? Wearing a suit with your name engraved on it is likely to help you as well as others who want to take down your name.  Also chances are, they will remember you for a longer time for your idiosyncrasy.   5. Amnesia? No problem!!   If you happen to meet a big celebrity like say Obama, and are so star struck that when he asks you to introduce yourself, you are struck by a temporary bout of amnesia, you can just point to your suit…   We hope this fashion trend doesn’t stop here. Here are a few recommendations which can be incorporated into the future suits :  - Can have your Twitter, Facebook , Instagram and any other social media account embroidered on your suit for easy sharing.   - Can eliminate the need for business cards- just get your details embroidered on your suit.   - The suit can be made in a variety of language options, in case if you are meeting delegates from different countries. From French, Mandarin, Spanish to local languages such as Tamil, Punjabi, etc.  So go ahead and get yourself a suit like PM Modi and become the 'COMPLETE' man.  Tweet
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