news Thursday, July 09, 2015 - 05:30
  When Superstar Rajinikanth was sent a notice by the Madras High Court over a civil suit, he filed a counter-affidavit stating that he was unable to comprehend why such a suit had been even been taken on file.    Rajinikanth had been handed over the notice at the behest of a suit by a film financier who said that he had given Rs. 65 lakh to Kasthuriraja, the father of his son-in-law Dhanush.  However, alleging that he had given the money to Kasthuriraaja ony after the latter referred Rajinikanth's name, he wanted the actor to take “action against his sambandhi(in-laws family) ”, reported Times of India.   It also added that failure to do so would result in the court declaring that there was a collusion between Rajinikanth and Kasthuriraaja.   It was then that Rajinikanth responded in a counter-affidavit stating that he was stumped by the suit.  "I fail to comprehend how such a suit is even taken on file. It is liable to be nipped in the bud by this court by rejecting the plaint and imposing heavy cost on the petitioner. It must be a deterrence to such people from abusing process of the court...The suit has been intended to malign and defame me, and extort money." Stating that he was neither the borrower nor the guarantor for the claimed loan handed over to his son-in-law Dhanush’s family, he then listed out a string of similar petitions submitted by the same financier that had been previously dismissed, said the report.    He also said that the claims were tarnishing his reputation apart from causing him mental agony.    
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