In a resolution, the Kerala Police Officers Association has also decided to do away with third-degree punishment.

Finally Kerala cops decide to be civil to public To address all as sir maam friend
news Police Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - 12:30

In a bid to become people-friendly and to shed their general image of being rough, the Kerala Police Officers Association has decided to address civilians in a polite manner. According to its latest resolution, the police force will address people as ‘Sir/Friend/ Brother or Sister’, to appear less intimidating to them.

This comes after a string of criticisms due to custodial deaths and the general brutal disposition of the police.

“If there is any personnel still left with taking a petty criminal for a seasoned don, then he or she will shed the attitude now,” the Kerala Police Officers Association announced.

The association comprising officers from the ranks of sub-inspectors to circle-inspectors resolved to change their attitude to earn respect and trust of the citizens that they serve, it read.

“We are not dealing with enemies while performing duty, but with Indian citizens. They may be of a different nature, but the police personnel can be only of one type: empathetic,” the resolution stated according to reports

The association even swore to do away with third-degree punishments in prisons and lock-ups.

The Kerala police have been consistently censured for their rough and ruthless attitude towards civilians. Several cases of custodial death have earned them a negative reputation over the years. Earlier this year, the state witnessed a massive uproar following a nearly two-year-long fast by Sreejith, protesting against the 2014 custodial torture and death of his brother Sreejev in Kerala. In May 2014, Parassala police picked up Sreejeev on allegations of theft.

Similarly, Udayakumar was tortured to death at the Fort police station in Thiruvananthapuram in 2005. Along with his friend, a history-sheeter, Udayakumar was picked up from Sreekanteswaram Park in September 2005, by the police based on suspicion after finding Rs 4,000 in his possession. However, it was only after 13 years that the case was closed and the two policemen responsible for his custodial death were sentenced to death.