Only a few months ago, Tamil Film Active Producers Association (TFAPA) was formed under the aegis of R Bharathiraja.

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The politics in the producers’ council seems to be never-ending. A few months ago, the dissenting members of the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) formed a new association called the Tamil Film Active Producers Association (TFAPA) under the aegis of the veteran filmmaker R Bharathiraja.

Recently, the elections were conducted at the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) in which Murali Ramaswamy was elected as the President. This once again led to dissent among the members following which a new faction has emerged. Veteran filmmaker T Rajendar has announced that he will be forming a new association and that details regarding this will be announced officially soon. Iin an interview he claimed that widespread malpractices during the TFPC elections have urged him to form a new association.

Explaining the events that took place during the elections, T Rajendar said that there were over 1300 votes but the total polled amounted only upto 1050. He also added that there were many suspicious issues and these would be revealed during the press meet on Saturday.

He added, “If required, I will get CCTV footage too. The practice of voting using ballot paper was replaced with the electronic voting system to engage in fraudulent activities. I am a fighter and I am not going to leave any stone unturned to fight for several causes, including producers’ issues. Like how I raised voice against VPF and Local Body Entertainment Tax, I will continue fighting against unjust practises in the industry.”

Echoing the sentiments expressed by T Rajendar, producer JSK Sathish said that creating new associations did not mean that there was no unity in the film industry. Elaborating on this, Sathish said that new body is being formed for the welfare of the people in the industry.

He also alleged that the recent TFPC elections were marred by bribery and they have substantial evidence to prove it.

It may be noted here that the TFPC election, which was held on November 22, recorded 1050 votes and producer Murali Ramasamy having polled 557 votes was declared as the winner. T Rajender received 378 votes, while another opponent Thenappan got 87 votes. Alleging various malpractices, such as fake ids, forged documents and ineligible candidates, T Rajendar had filed a petition at the registry office seeking for the ballot papers of TFPC elections.

Murali Ramasamy of Sri Thenandal Films, producer of many blockbuster films including actor Vijay's Mersal, is the son of Legendary director-producer Rama Narayanan. Actor-producer RK Suresh and producer Kathiresan known as Fiver star Kathiresan elected for the post of Vice Presidents of the council. Producer Chandraprakash Jain has been elected as the General Secretary. Radhakrishnan and Mannan have been elected as the secretaries of the council.  

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