Film critic Mahesh Kathi opens up on Janasena’s politics and trolling

He faced a lot of backlash from Pawan Kalyan’s fans because of his bad review of Pawan’s film, Katamarayudu.
 Film critic Mahesh Kathi opens up on Janasena’s politics and trolling
Film critic Mahesh Kathi opens up on Janasena’s politics and trolling
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Mahesh Kathi, film critic and former Big Boss contestant, who is known for his hard hitting reviews of Telugu movies, has been mired in a controversy. In a recent interview to local media, Mahesh spoke openly about Pawan Kalyan, where he tried to get back at the trolling he received from Pawan’s fans.

In the interview, he spoke about his review on Pawan’s Katamarayudu, (due to which he allegedly received death threats) Pawan’s politics, and his own hard-hitting remarks due to which fans trolled him on Facebook and filled his WhatsApp inbox.

Talking about the virtual attack by Pawan’s fans, who started calling him names and abusing him, Mahesh posted on Facebook that they were attacking him again because of their own self-inferiority complex and sadism.


In a nearly two-hour-long interview, Makesh spoke for less than ten minutes about this issue, where he questioned the arrogance of fans and the Janasena chief about his politics.

Replying to a question where the anchor asked him if he hates the mega family, he said that he doesn’t have anything against them, but those who claim to be Pawan’s fans were reacting "too much"; and said that it would be good for them to control.

Adding that he only has a problem with fans of Pawan Kalyan, he said, "I didn't like Jr NTR's Nannku Prematho. When I said that I didn't like some other heroes’ film, their fans didn't have any issues, and nor do they respond. Then, why are only Pawan Kalyan’s fans responding like this?

Questioning the credibility of the hero's politics, he said "We can't compare the statements he makes on one day with another day. He only says things, but does nothing”.

Continuing in the same vein, he said that Pawan merely confined himself to Twitter and public meetings, and that he could do the same. "Would you make me the Chief Minister and make me sit next to the governor for a meal", he asked.

During the special status movement, he tweeted in support of it. I went on my own expense to Vizag where the movement happened. “What is the difference between him and me? What makes him great?” he asked.

"As I believe in democracy and in the constitution, I continue to question. Pawan said that he was here to question. Now, I’m here to question him", he said.

Responding to Pawan's interaction regarding the Uddanam kidney disease, he said, "I'm not belittling or reducing whatever he has done, but politics is not an emergency response. Where is the structure of Janasena? Where is the secondary leadership? Where are his other party men, and why don’t they speak up?

He stated that he had the same problem with Jayaprakash Narayana, a civil servant-turned-politician. They believe that politics are people and people are politics, but then why do they run their parties in an autocratic manner, he questioned.

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