BJP MLA Raja Singh tagged the Hyderabad Police and asked them to take action against the film critic.

Film critic Mahesh Kathi attacks Pawan Kalyan PM Modi BJP asks for action
news Controversy Saturday, December 09, 2017 - 12:15

Film critic and actor Mahesh Kathi stoked yet another controversy on Friday by calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a ‘murderer’.

Kathi was in fact, taking a dig at actor-politician Pawan Kalyan, when he invited trouble from BJP supporters.

Kathi, who is also a political commentator, was attacking the Jana Sena Party chief on Twitter for Pawan Kalyan’s political understanding and his present stance with the BJP and TDP.

Pawan who had earlier supported the TDP and BJP combine in the 2014 state elections, returned to active politics with his ‘Chalore Chalore Chal’ tour, and slammed both the parties for not fulfilling their poll promises of giving special status to Andhra Pradesh.

He also stated that he returned to politics and founded Jana Sena Party to take revenge against the persons who sabotaged the now non-existent Praja Rajyam Party, founded by his brother Chiranjeevi.

In response to Pawan Kalyan’s stance, Kathi took to Twitter, and faulted the actor’s political understanding on caste, social justice, and his revenge politics, in a series of tweets.

In one of the tweets, he slammed the actor and wrote, “You joined hands with a murderer like Narendra Modi and campaigned for him, and now a person like (Telugu director) Shekar Kammula who advised against colluding with religious fundamentalists, have become a wrong person to you! After becoming the Prime Minister, does it absolve his crimes committed in Gujarat? Your level of madness is visible, Pawan Kalyan.”

The comments made by Kathi didn’t go well with the fans of the actor, who resorted to abusing him on social media.

However, Kathi also angered the BJP with his tweet, as Goshamahal MLA T Raja Singh tagged the Hyderabad Police and asked them to take action on the film critic.

Singh said that Kathi was seeking cheap publicity.

Hyderabad police replied to the tweet and said that they will look into the matter.

Kathi, however, remained defiant and hit back at the BJP MLA. He said, “The MLA who doesn’t even law. Nothing happens to me just because he files an online complaint against me. The complaint is invalid. It is not a case at all. I know more about law. So please don’t worry.”

This is not the first time that Kathi has slammed the actor. There was a massive, organized troll attack unleashed against him four months ago, after he opined that Pawan was not fit for politics, as there was no correlation between the actor’s words and his actions.

He made these comments during an interview to a YouTube channel. Since then, Pawan’s fans are greatly angered by Kathi and his comments.

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