'Fight is finished': 'S Durga' filmmaker relieved as CBFC clears film without any cuts
'Fight is finished': 'S Durga' filmmaker relieved as CBFC clears film without any cuts

'Fight is finished': 'S Durga' filmmaker relieved as CBFC clears film without any cuts

The eight member Revising Committee cleared the film after the team complied with their requirements.

After months of struggle, Malayalam film S Durga, which was dropped from the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) last year, has been cleared by the Revising Committee of the CBFC without any cuts.

The director of the film, Sanal Kumar Sasidharan, in a Facebook post on Wednesday said the movie is now eligible for public screening. The film has received a 'U/A' certificate from the CBFC.

Speaking to PTI, Sasidharan also said that he cannot wait for the film to release and is happy with the decision.

"They did not find anything wrong with the film. It is clear now that all that happened was done on purpose," Sasidharan told PTI.

He also shared the new poster of the movie on Twitter, in which the title reads, ‘S DURGA’.

 In his Facebook post, the director said that the fight is finally over and that the team is looking forward to release the film in as many theaters as possible.

“Dear friends, the fight finished. Revising committee of CBFC has approved the film S Durga for public release. We wish to relaese the film in as much theaters as it is possible. We are looking for a proper distribution channel and if it is not feasible we will be arranging a parallel distribution device for which we need your continued support”, read his Facebook post.

An eight-member Revising Committee reviewed the film on January 23 before clearing it without any cuts.

"The title of the film in the credit roll was shown as S Durga, without any 'S ###' i.e. the rectangular white boxes. The title 'S Durga' was the title already certified by the CBFC, Thiruvananthapuram. It is apparent that the version exhibited for the Jury at IFFI, Goa was differing from the version exhibited for the Revising Committee. In the version shown they did not find any tampering with the title or the font of the title or visuals form as suggested by the Examining Committee," the CBFC letter shared by Sasidharan stated.

The director and the makers have been advised to "only exhibit the version of the film" reviewed by the Revising Committee.

The film stirred up widespread controversy after it was dropped by IFFI's Indian Panorama section at the last moment. The director had then moved the Kerala High Court where he received a favourable verdict.

Following this, a screening was organised for the festival jury members. But much to the disappointment of the team, the CBFC ordered a re-examination of the film and once again struck down its chances to be screened at the IFFI.

(With inputs from PTI)

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