In an FB live, Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman recall their friendship of 25 years

Double bonanza for fans, Mani Ratnam & AR Rahman launch Kaatru Veliyidai trailer together
In an FB live, Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman recall their friendship of 25 years
In an FB live, Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman recall their friendship of 25 years
It was a double bonanza for fans of music director AR Rahman and filmmaker Mani Ratnam on Thursday. 
The musical maestro and the master of love stories came together at 5pm to launch the trailer of the highly anticipated Kaatru Veliyidai. Only, this event had no stage, guests or entry restrictions. Instead, to the delight of the public, the trailer was released on Facebook!
Sony Music South, which has bought the rights for the music, went live five minutes before the announced time and excited fans began the countdown to the launch.
The movie stars Karthi and Aditi Rao Hydari in the lead and the music has already garnered appreciation from the audience. 
Three songs have been released so far, with 'Azhagiye' becoming an instant earworm, 'Vaan varuvaan' casting a mesmerising spell on all Rahman fans, and 'Saarattu vandiyila' proving to be a foot-tapping number which promises to grow on one as is the case with many Rahman songs. 
Of the three, it was with the melody of 'Vaan varuvaan' that Rahman chose to greet those watching the launch. The camera panned from his fingers playing the tune on the piano, to the face of the creator. Seated near the piano on a white couch, was the director of the film, watching with a smile. The tune came to an end with Rahman announcing that it was now time to release the trailer. But Mani Ratnam wouldn't let him off without answering a few questions.
"Do you remember when you composed this tune?" the director asked Rahman, who looked stumped by the question. "Was it on an airplane?" Mani asked playfully. "I think I made it on a piano in my phone," Rahman replied hesitantly. "On your phone itself?" asked the director, as Rahman smiled and attempted to explain how he did it. 
The director then went on to reveal that Rahman often composed tunes on his phone even when on board a flight. 
The banter didn't end there (to our delight) and the two reticent conversationalists proceeded to go down memory lane and recalled the magic they created with Roja, Rahman's first film. "Do you remember the tune you composed for us?" Mani asked. Rahman stared into space, clearly thinking hard but those listening already knew the answer.
"It was Chinna chinna aasai," said Rahman after a full 7 seconds. "Actually I gave you a collection of 25 tunes," he added, as the duo laughed. Mani Ratnam stole the thought from the audience's mind and asked Rahman to play the song and the latter obliged. Like wine, Rahman has only become better with age. 
"You never played this to me either when you were composing," complained Mani Ratnam. "This was done in that room with my headphones on," remembered Rahman. 
"Well, at least we can hear it now," teased Mani Ratnam, to which Rahman replied with a single word -"Nostalgia"
The music legend then went on to call one of the country's best filmmakers an 'inspiration', following which they released the trailer together.
The one minute and twenty second trailer was released in both Tamil and Telugu. From the looks of it, Kaatru Veliyidai appears to be a love story but seems to have darker shades than what was initially projected. 
A clean shaven Karthi is seen as an airforce officer while Aditi is playing a doctor. They meet and dance in the first scene of the trailer, with Karthi following it up with an invitation to meet again. 
(Screenshot: Youtube/Sony South Music)
And clearly, the story doesn't end there. We spot them flying over snow covered mountains, captured beautifully by cinematographer Ravi Varman. Even as you soak in the layers of white on screen, the next scene, turns dark in contrast. 
Turmoil appears to have crept into the relationship. When Karthi speaks, the playfulness in his voice is replaced with a kind of obsessive love that borders on the frightening. 
What seems at first an innocent 'I will love you more than you love me', turns into a disturbing 'I will love you, even if you don't love me.'
The screen then turns black to display the film title but Karthi's voice remains in our head. Clearly, this is no ordinary love story and it wouldn't be a Mani Ratnam film if it were. 
You can watch their complete interaction and trailer here:

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