The unique fashion sense of the characters, while being chic and fit for royalty, can be easily replicated and worn off screen as well.

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While the world was gushing over Prabhas and Rana Daggubati, some of us could not take our eyes off the clothing sported by the cast of Bahubali 2. From the khun blouses worn by the people of Mahismathi to the regal silks worn by royalty, every frame was a visual treat. Ramya Krishnan looked every bit the “rajmata” in her deep hued monochrome sarees tastefully paired with benarasi and paithani brocade silk blouses. The chunky, heavy gold jewelry were seldom OTT, and balanced the simple silks rather nicely. None of the characters wore kundans and blingy sequin encrusted clothes. 

The unique fashion sense of the characters, while being chic and fit for royalty, can be easily replicated and worn off screen as well.

Even when choosing chunky gold jewelry, the stylists seem to have gone for matte finish gold or kemp stones. The jewelry worn by Devasena was refreshing - from the delicate septum rings (bullaku), maatals, to elaborate hair accessories, each different from the other, there was something to look out for in every outfit she wore.

From humble cotton ikkats, khuns, southern cottons, to uppadas, benarasis, paithanis, tanchois and himroo, the focus was on woven beauties signaling a comeback of handwoven fabrics.

If you were tired looking at the beautiful drapes of Ramya Krishnan and Anushka Shetty, there was Prabhas sporting colours that most heros may shy away from. From pinks, purples to greens and mustards, he wore them with much élan. While Rana’s outfits were subtler, sporting browns and creams, they were every bit as elaborate. One could spot benarasi and tanchoi weaves in his wardrobe as well.

Here are some trends one can expect to find in the coming months. With the wedding season around the corner, we may see a lot of brides opting to look like Devasena and grooms that look like Prabhas.

Trend alert 1: Contrast blouses with monochromes

Screenshot: Youtube

When it comes to traditional wear, the handloom weaves are likely to make a big comeback. Whether it is the rich monochromes worn by Sivagami finished with fine silver and gold zari borders, or the bright hued uppadas and benarasis worn by Devasena. Skimpy blouses are out, and the well tailored blouses worn by both Sivagami and Devasena, crafted from a range of fabrics from paithani brocades to benarasis and uppadas, are in. The men matched the women when it came to silks in delicate and intricate weaves – we suspect some of those are benarasis and tanchois.

Time to go back to your mom’s wardrobe and bring out your vintage weaves this season!

Trend alert 2: Bye bye kundans, hello good old gold jewellery

Screenshot: Youtube

Devasena’s attire reflected her personality. While Sivagami’s jewellery was regal, rich and heavy – signifying wealth, Devasena’s jewellery was delicate, whimsical and playful. Rather than traditional motifs like chakra, that featured in Sivagami’s jewels, Devasena’s jewellery was delicate and embellished heavily with tassels and ghungroos. While tassel jewellery has been a big trend globally, it would be interesting to see how this trend is adapted in traditional gold jewellery after Bahubali. 

It was also interesting to see pearls, kundans and jadau were kept to a minimum and rarely made an appearance – Sivagami did sport a few kemp pieces but that is about it.

Go hide your kundans and bring out your heirloom jewellery!

Trend alert 3: Bullaku, maatal & jadai nagams

Screenshot: Youtube

Devasena’s jewelry told you a lot about her personality – a rule breaker who didn’t stick to traditional designs, valuing artistic delicate patterns over heavy expensive jewellery, and being a trend setter in some sense. If Sonam Kapoor and Vidya Balan made the nath famous, Anushka Shetty brings back bullaku (septum ring) & maatals (ear chains). She could be seen sporting her septum ring in most frames and we are hoping the traditional bullakus do make a comeback!

Go dig your mom’s collection for her maatals, bullaku and gold jewellery – we see them making a comeback. But more importantly, let your choice in jewellery reflect your taste and personality.

Trend alert 4: Men’s traditional wear gets a revamp

Screenshot: Youtube

It is about time don’t you think? Men can finally hide their gaudy sequined Sherwanis. Prabhas as Amarendra Bahubali not just sports a range of colors from purples to greens, but also a variety of weaves. One can find him in fine silk weaves when he is the crown prince and linen tunics in vegetable dyes as he goes off to explore the kingdom, and finally find him sporting cool ikkat kurtas and matching dhotis when he is exiled. This opens a range of options for men to choose from the next time they are in the mood to sport something traditional.

Time to pass the cream-maroon sherwanis and go for a pure benarasi silk kurta.

Trend alert 5: Handloom and handwoven fabrics

Screenshot: Youtube

We are super happy that the designers and stylists picked handwoven fabrics – while we were unable to identify every weave, the khun blouses and simple south cotton sarees could not be missed. We certainly look forward to seeing the traditional silks and cotton weaves replacing the chiffons, chinnons, crepes and georgettes alike. The colours were easy on the eyes and we appreciate the lack of shimmer and shine in every frame. 

Here’s hoping a paradigm shift in fabric choices by film makers – let us hope they patronise the handwoven fabrics in more movies.

And when in doubt, wear handloom. Not only are they classy, but they also don’t go out of trend!


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