Family, friend and a companion for life - An ode to Old Monk

Family, friend and a companion for life - An ode to Old Monk
Family, friend and a companion for life - An ode to Old Monk
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Old Monk rum is not a brand of alcohol. It is the bedrock of human relationships. It is the foundation over which high-rise towers of special friendships, family bonds and social connections are built. Friends share their deepest secrets and insecurities over Sadhu Baba. Purana Sadhu, as I like to call it, brings to the fore the few fun people in the otherwise drab family events.  News sources, who are usually tight-lipped when sober, would leak incessantly while paying obeisance to the Baba.

Old Monk is about freedom. As the college companion to most teenagers, it laid the path to taking life by its horns, and take bold decisions.  As the companion at old age, it gives solace to the drinker in the final years. For Old Monk romantics, the bottle holds a special place in their lives, and for many, it is their most committed companion.

In its sixtieth year now, Ruchir Sharma does well in paying his respects to Old Monk in Outlook’s latest issue.

Old monk has had its share of internet listicles and memes. Here are 10 reasons why Old Monk is the best, 8 reasons why you should date a guy who drinks Old Monk (I am single, just saying), things you did not know about Old Monk. Here is GQ on the Cult of Old Monk, and DNA on the Legend of Old Monk.

To celebrate Old Monk here at The News Minute, we present you some testimonials from people across age groups. Here is our tribute to Old Monk.

Kunal Contractor, 37, Bengaluru

Not many people would say this, but it is the tastiest alcohol for me. Of all the types of booze I have had in my life, there is just one which I think classifies as ‘yummy’, and that’s Old Monk, with a dash of cola of course. Inexpensive (not cheap), incredibly tasty and a constant companion for over 20 years, Old Monk is more than just damn good rum, it’s a ‘spirit’ that binds memories, dreams and experiences.

Shraddha, 24, Pune

I am often asked, “What would you have, wine or vodka?” and my reply always brings amusing reactions. An Old Monk is what I order for, always. Many friends of mine love it, and yet it is thought of as a man’s drink. That old man on the bottle has been a part of my joys and sorrows for the past seven years. Be it family dinners or night-outs with friends, Old Monk sets the scene. Nothing else can replace it.

Siddharth, 25, Jamshedpur

I had my first sip while pursuing my engineering and, as clichéd as it may sound, it became a part of my college-culture. Old Monk is an institution. It was weirdly romantic to be associated with Old Monk, as my dad would tell me about his days with Lion, the beer by the company which dominated the market until Kingfisher happened.

Suresh Vishwanathan, 59, Coimbatore

My journey with Old Monk started in the mid-80s at a bar in Thirussur. For the next two years, every Saturday a bunch of us would meet a hotel in different parts of Kerala, and choose restaurants where they allowed you to bring your own bottle to drink. If I remember right, a full bottle of Old Monk then was Rs 40. Now it is about Rs 600 in most states. I just love the drink. It does not get me too high even if after six pegs. No hangover, ever. I feel like my system gets cleaned out every morning after a session of Old Monk the previous night. It has been my committed companion for 30 years now.

Rohan Jaduram, 43, New Zealand

There is only one thing I ask relatives from India to bring to NZ, Old Monk. If I run out of it, I buy it here for $40, which is expensive, but I make sure I always have stock. People are often surprised to hear that a third generation New Zealander, born and brought up here loves Old Monk so much. I have been drinking Old Monk for about 20 years now. Everyone says that best rums are Caribbean or Jamaican. But they are made with sugarcane and are two sweet. Old Monk has that vanilla flavour, and that’s the best.

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