The jewellery group has asked the court for a mechanism to control the spreading of fake news through social media platforms.

Fake news created damages of Rs 500 crore Kalyan Jewellers moves HC
news Law Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 19:40

The Kerala based jewellery retailer, Kalyan Jewellers has approached the Kerala High Court requesting supervision and regulation on social media pages. Kalyan has said that the spread of fake news on social media regarding the quality of their gold has created damages (tangible and intangible) amounting to around Rs 500 crore for them.

In its plea to the Kerala High Court, Kalyan Jewellers said that the fake videos which claim to have found counterfeit gold in their showrooms had been posted on social media portals like YouTube. The spreading of such fake news is a part of a malicious campaign against the jewellery company by other business rivals, Kalyan said.

“The links of videos in the YouTube are shared to the social media especially the ‘Facebook’ , ‘Whatsapp’ and other similar social media sites. Bring into existence a regulatory framework / mechanism to control the uploading / spreading of defamatory, false and demeaning videos through social media platforms like You Tube, Whatsapp, Facebook in India,” read the plea.

According to a report by India Today, it was reported the name and logo were used in the videos to portray what was a routine inspection in one of its Kuwait stores as a raid.

The perpetrators used this video of a routine check as an evidence of the jewellery company selling fake gold and that of the authorities seizing it.

There is an urgent and emergent need for bringing into existence a regulatory framework / mechanism in order to ensure that the privacy rights of millions of people are protected,”reads the plea by the company

The Kerala HC, in response has called for introducing various mechanisms to fight curb news on social media platforms.

In March this year, the Dubai public prosecution directed the Dubai police to book five persons, all of Indian origin for spreading false news about Kalyan Jewellers.
This action by the public prosecution was based on a complaint filed by the company in November 2017, following a series of posts online, that attacked the brand.

They had circulated an invoice of a purchase and accused the jeweller of mixing wax in huge proportion in antique jewellery.

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