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The News Minute | November 17, 2014 | 04:42 pm IST People on several occasions have unwittingly uploaded content that would get them in serious trouble with their bosses. Generally, some Facebook addicts try to keep the details about their personal life away from their colleagues and off Facebook, but they have clearly failed. For this specific reason Facebook has been secretly working on a website called ‘Facebook at Work’ according to a report on Financial Times. This new website will allow its users to keep their personal profile separate from their work profile. While we await the new website with bated breath, here is what you should avoid uploading and posting on Facebook to save yourself from getting fired or being judged by your bosses. Everyone loves a good night of drinking with friends but with the ‘selfies’, ‘groupies’ and ‘photobombers’ around, avoid cameras like the plague to avoid pictures of you plastered the next day on Facebook. As this would provide proof and validate the reason for arriving late for that early morning presentation. If you plan to fake a sickness to get out of a busy work day to go out for a trip, please avoid announcing vacation dates or uploading pictures from your vacation on Facebook. It is definitely fun to tell your friends where you at by geo-tagging yourself at some pub, water park, cinema hall etc.. It becomes an issue when you should be working or be at work. This move could also lead to your early VRS. It may be one of your fundamental rights to post what you want but posting statuses that showcases your grievances against the organization where you are currently employed could land you in some serious trouble. ‘Your friend xxx has sent you Candy Crush Saga Request’ you should definitely avoid sending this to your colleagues and immediate seniors because other than being annoying it also explain those delayed reports which were due on Wednesday.
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