Facebook has responded saying the information is uploaded to secure servers and comes only from Android users who opt-in to allow it.

Facebook found to be saving detailed data of calls texts sent by Android users
Atom Data Breach Monday, March 26, 2018 - 13:21

Facebook’s data breach issue doesn’t seem to go away from public glare. After over a week of being under the scanner, an online IT news publication site, Ars Technica, has found that Facebook has been saving complete data on the phone user’s personal calls made and received. The data includes the details of the number called and the duration of each call and this goes back several months and years.

As several users were deleting their Facebook profiles, many Android users who removed archive data from Facebook found that there was very detailed personal data including call logs containing names, phone numbers, and the length of each call made, reports CNBC.

Facebook appears to have, however, defended this practice in its response to Ars Technica and has stated that the practice is a widely used one in the industry. Facebook says it is optional and exercised by users, who can delete the data using tools already available in their browsers.

The Cambridge Analytica case thrown open a huge Pandora’s box across continents, main on data privacy and misuse, including for political purposes, whether in the US or in India.

Facebook has already come under severe criticism for the third-party application data misuse and the founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has had to personally explain to the media and offer apologies. There is a campaign going on in many parts of the world to uninstall Facebook over this controversy and even as you read this piece, it is reported that Facebook has released massive advertisements in countries like the UK apologizing for the lapse in protecting people’s privacy and promising to rectify the situation.

Facebook is out to do a lot of fire-fighting activity so that it does not end up losing users of its otherwise popular platform.

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