The idea behind this is to encourage users to stay on Facebook’s services longer.

Facebook to bring Instagram Messenger on its app with cross-app notifications
Atom Social Media Saturday, May 20, 2017 - 12:04

Facebook is testing a new feature that may see mixed reactions from its users. Facebook, which also owns Messenger and Instagram is planning to roll out a feature, which will consolidate notifications of all the three apps on the Facebook app.

As per a report in CNET, the idea behind this is to encourage users to stay on Facebook’s services longer. But the bright side of this could be that it will become slightly easier to check notifications across platforms.

How this works is, there will be a circle icon in the top right corner of your newsfeed. The circle will show if you have any unread notifications. After tapping on it, you'll have the option to switch between Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

In a statement to CNET, Facebook said that it is conducting a very small test to make it easier for people to switch between their Facebook, Messenger and Instagram accounts. This could mean that not everyone may be able to access this new notification system.

The Facebook app saw a makeover on Thursday, which will be rolled out on iOS and Android across the world this week.

In the updated version, the app's home screen has been reorganised, with a top bar showing new tabs for Message and bottom bar for the options Home, Calls, the Camera button, People and Games.

With all the features still there, there has been a reshuffle to make it faster to find what you want.

Apart from that, Facebook also launched a food delivery feature. Seems like Facebook never wants you to leave the app.

Currently available only for select users in the US, there is a new option in the main Facebook navigation called ‘Order Food’.

As per a report in Tech Crunch, the option lets Facebook users place food pickup and delivery orders from restaurants using or Slice. The entire process, from ordering to checkout, takes place on Facebook when you use this menu option.

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