After Anna Salai, it's now Taylor's Road in Kilpauk.

Another day, another road cave-in in Chennai. The city, placed at an unenviable rank of 235 when it comes to cleanliness, is also battling poor roads. 

Just a few weeks after a cave-in on Anna Salai, an arterial road in the city, it's  Taylor's Road in Kilpauk which has now developed a crater. The incident happened at 4 am and the corporation has already filled in the 4 X 4 feet hole. 
Meanwhile, the Chennai-vaasis, who have to deal with floods, cyclones, and abducted MLAs have turned to memes as usual to express their frustration. 
Take a look:

When there's a problem that needs an innovative solution, Sellur Raja cannot be far behind!

We just have to deal with these craters for 2 more years. After that, we won't have roads to complain about.

The mysterious happenings on Chennai roads are stranger than what you'd find in a haunted house!

Spare a thought for the cops who have to deal with this situation time and again.