As of Thursday, over 1,20,000 people were under observation in the state.

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Coronavirus Coronavirus Friday, March 27, 2020 - 08:30

Expressing concern for the lakhs of people in Kerala who are confined to the four walls of their rooms due to COVID-19 quarantine, the Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Thursday announced that a provision to ensure that their mobile phones can be recharged.

"It is important for people under quarantine to have connection with the outside world. If not they will feel alone. Provision should be ensured to recharge mobile phones for such persons," the Chief Minister said during the press meet on Thursday.

As of Thursday, over 1,20,000 people were under observation in the state. Among these, 1,01,402 people were under quarantine in their homes, confining themselves to their rooms without any direct contact with another person. The government has also made a list of people above 60 years in the state to ensure special attention to senior citizens in Kerala.

In another act of concern, the government has also announced that pregnant women should be made to stay away from COVID-19 preventative work and other essential services.

Noting that non-essential institutions, including textile shops, have been closed down due to lockdown, the Chief Minister said that the possibility to start the distribution of clothes for babies through medical shops will be considered.

The lockdown declared by the state government entered its third day on Thursday. On Tuesday night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an all-India lockdown for 21 days. With police taking stringent measures, the number of people on the streets declined on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the CM also added that police action should not cross certain boundaries. "Police are stringently enforcing that people do not roam about unnecessarily during the lockdown. But criticisms have been raised from some quarters that, in some places, police action is crossing limits. There should not be instances of health workers being blocked while visiting homes. Pay attention to the behaviour of the police. If there is any behaviour from any police official which taints the state's name, it should be stopped," he said.