E Sreedharan confident of winning, says will set up office in Palakkad in 8-10 days

Sreedharan also said that he is confident of winning Palakkad seat by 10,000 to 15,000 votes.
E Sreedharan in a suit
E Sreedharan in a suit
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E Sreedharan who stood as the BJP candidate form Palakkad in the 2021 Assembly polls said that he is sure of winning the seat. “In Palakkad assembly constituency I will surely win. There is no doubt about this. I will win by 10,000 to 15,000 votes,” he told local media.

As he is confident of winning Palakkad, the 88-year-old said that he plans to shift to Palakkad as soon as possible. “I have already taken a house here on rent and will set up an office within 8-10 days,” he told the local media.

The Metro man also predicted a hung assembly and a President’s rule in the state if the latest exit poll data is to be taken seriously. “If you look at the entire state, the Times exit poll has given 35 seats to the BJP. And there are three independents. So BJP is likely to get about 35 to 40 seats,” Sreedharan added.

On being asked if he believed that his status as Metro Man would have likely got him more votes, Sreedharan said that he “did not expect to get the love and respect that he did get from the people here”.

“Definitely people here would have voted for me because I am Metro man. I had no idea that they loved and adored me so much. Everyone is loving me and giving me so much respect. That is why I believe I will get more votes,” he said.

Sreedharan also added that he will continue to work for the BJP and guide the party with his knowledge, expertise and experience. However he added that “he would not be an extreme or active worker of the BJP”.

Regarding the topic of Sabarimala which has been a poll discussion mostly by the Congress  and the BJP, Sreedharan said that in Palakkad, there was no discussion of Sabarimala.

“Wherever I go, my politics is the same - I talk about development and job opportunities and industry growth,” he explained. He also added that there was a lack of job opportunities in Kerala. “The current condition here is that people are not getting jobs in the state. After education everyone is moving out. My main goal is to facilitate more jobs,” he added.

Sreedharan contested against sitting Congress MLA Shafi Parambil from Palakkad. The results of the Assembly Election will be out on May 2.

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