From exercising to watching cartoons with their kids, here's what your favourite celebs are doing.

Dulquer Jyotika Shraddha and others on what theyre doing during lockdown
Flix Coronavirus Monday, March 30, 2020 - 15:33

With the 21-day lockdown in place, shooting across film and entertainment industries in the country has stopped. As a consequence, celebs too are stuck at home, taking a break from their usually hectic schedules.

We asked some celebrities what they are doing with their time and here's what they said!

Parvathy: It's difficult being away from Kerala. But, I’m grateful to have a home away from home and really loving people around me. We have split house chores between us and as I love washing dishes, that's on me. After the chores, there is enough time to catch up on reading and work related research too. Following a loose yet productive routine keeps me upbeat. Panic and uncertainty creep up often. There is a collective energy shift in everyone. I keep up to date with news on the situation, and the routine keeps my anxiety in check. Keeping in touch generously with family and friends is a big help!

Dulquer Salmaan: I'm trying to exercise every day. Reading. Watching movies and shows. Spending time with family. But strictly staying in. I've watched all episodes and seasons of Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom, Peppa Pig and Caillou twice over. Onto round 3!

Jyotika: Exercising in the morning for sure. Then I teach all the kids at home written Hindi. They teach me written Tamil in the evening. I'm watching Money Heist for now. In the evening, I make the kids exercise in our garden at home.

Siddharth: I have no comment. I think the only people who should be speaking right now are people who know or can make an impact. I don't want to be part of white noise. We are heading into something scary. There will be a time when I will need to and be able to help. I'll reach out to you then.

Rima Kallingal: I'm exercising, cooking, gardening and having fun with adult colouring books. I also watched Peaky Blinders.

Shobhana: I'm writing!

Shraddha Srinath: I'm cleaning the house, helping in the kitchen, exercising twice a day, and watching movies

Suhasini Maniratnam: I’m doing an hour of live broadcast on Instagram and Facebook (for NAAM). I'm doing housework -- managing vegetables, groceries and medications. I’m also collecting verified testimonials from the brave-hearts who are in isolation, including my son Nandhan. They are the heroes. We are in the process of making videos for the Health Department with those in isolation and the families who are watching their loved ones in isolation. 

Sai Pallavi: I’m at home and unwell. I’m hoping to get better soon.

Chinmayi: Singing, cleaning, learning to play piano, binge watching Big Bang Theory, reading.