Dubbaka bye-poll: Tension in Siddipet as BJP workers allegedly attack TRS MLA

The BJP activists allegedly barged into TRS MLA Chanti Kranthi’s hotel room to find out if he had stored money to influence the voters.
TRS MLA Chanti Kranthi speaking to mediapersons
TRS MLA Chanti Kranthi speaking to mediapersons
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Tension prevailed in Siddipet, a day before the Dubbaka bye-poll, which saw an intense campaign between the TRS and the BJP. 

On Monday evening, Andole MLA Chanti Kranthi and former Nakrekal MLA Vemula Veeresham who were staying at Swarna Palace Hotel in Siddipet town, were allegedly attacked by local BJP leaders, accusing them of distributing money to the voters. 

The BJP activists allegedly barged into the TRS MLA’s room to find out if they had stored money at the hotel to influence the voters. The confrontation led to a heated argument between both the parties which ultimately led to violence.

Speaking about the incident, MLA Chanti Kranthi said, “At least 100 BJP workers attempted to enter our room saying that they wanted to search it. I said, ‘you can come and search’ but they started filming in our room and broadcasted lives on Facebook. They only wanted to do a drama. They didn’t want to enter our room, but wanted a confrontation.” The MLA alleged that the accused were drunk. “If they had any suspicion about cash distribution, they should have informed the police and asked them to carry out the search. Who are these people to take law into their own hands?” Kranthi said.

Reacting to the development, former MP and BJP Dubbaka bye-election incharge, Jithender Reddy, claimed that as the BJP was going to win with a huge majority, the TRS was resorting to harassment and illegal distribution of money to the voters. Jithender Reddy alleged that the TRS leaders were distributing cheques from Swarna Hotel. “I have a question to the police. Two days ago, all the outsiders staying in hotels were asked to vacate in view of the elections, but what were these people who came from outside doing there?” the former MP asked. Jithender alleged that the TRS was provoking them.

Meanwhile, Finance Minister and TRS poll incharge, Harish Rao said, “The BJP leadership is unable to digest the fact that there has been a tremendous response for the TRS in the constituency. They are stooping down to such levels only for political gains by creating tension before the bye-poll.” 


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