'Dr Ram': Is this Malayalam TV's answer to 'House MD'?

Several users have pointed out that the promo suggests that this is a overdramatised rip-off of 'Dr House'.
 'Dr Ram': Is this Malayalam TV's answer to 'House MD'?
'Dr Ram': Is this Malayalam TV's answer to 'House MD'?
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If you're sad that the House M.D TV series has come to an end after 8 seasons, worry not. You can tune into Mazhavil Manorama's Dr Ram, which is all set to premiere on July 16.

A promo recently uploaded by the TV channel on its social media page has attracted the attention of several viewers who've pointed out the obvious resemblance to the original American TV medical drama. Of course, Dr Ram is much more "drama" than House M.D with the unconventional Dr House ever was, if the promo is anything to go by.

House M.D, starring Hugh Laurie in the lead role, was about an unconventional and controversial doctor who resorts to seemingly bizarre ways to cure his patients. It was similar to a detective series, only, the mystery was all to do with investigating diseases. Dr House himself struggles with several demons, pops pills liberally, and walks with a limp. He reports to his boss, Dr Lisa Cuddy, the Dean of Medicine, with whom he often locks horns.

Turns out, Dr Ram too pops pills, walks with a limp, reports to the "Dean of the college" and has a woman boss disagreeing with him. The situation in the first episode, appears to be that of a young woman patient with brain tumour. And he declares that he has no humanity when someone disagrees with his treatment methods. Phew.

People in the comments section where the promo has been posted have been having a field day, taking a jibe at "Dr Veedu", as they've dubbed the series.


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