Don't blame us, we did all we can, says Kamarajar Port on Chennai oil spill

The port says their initial statement of no spillage was only about the area around the port.
Don't blame us, we did all we can, says Kamarajar Port on Chennai oil spill
Don't blame us, we did all we can, says Kamarajar Port on Chennai oil spill
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The Chennai Karmarajar Port Limited on Friday claimed that it was not right to blame the port or any other agency for the oil spill as they all took measures possible after the accident.

On the day of the accident,  January 28, Karmarajar Port Limited had said that there was no damage to the environment or casualties. 

And on January 30, they had informed that 'some oil spill' had happened on the basis of the information received from the vessel.

The port had come under severe criticism for claiming that they had been no oil spill, and later only admitting to a small spill.

Rejecting media criticism, port authorities in a statement on Friday said that their initial report was only about the oil spill around Kamaraj port area where KPL could reach, observe and take information from the vessel.

“It may be noted that Coast Guard was informed by KPL in time and their ships and helicopter arrived in the morning of 28th January and kept continuous watch.  The spillage was noticed in the shores only after one-and-a-half days,” states the press release.

Kamaraj Port Limited also said that it has Tier-I Oil Spill Response equipment. 

"KPL is having Tier-I Oil Spill Response equipments.  As advised by Ministry based on the report of OISD team, the Tier-I Oil Spill Response equipment were procured and the same was deployed in the port area.

It appears that bunker oil would have spilled when accident happened and moved far away due to wind and current to open sea during dark hours which could not be seen by KPL officers," the statement said.

They added that various enquiries were being carried to find the facts and action will be taken.

"Action will be taken based on the enquiry report. Hence, it is not proper to blame KPL or any other Agency as all of them have taken measures immediately after the accident," the statement concluded.

A report given by Union Minister of State for Transport and Shipping Pon Radhakrishnan in the Parliament states that more than 2000 people were deployed in Thiruvallur, Chennai and Kanchipuram districts for cleaning up. It also states that more than 1000 people were deployed with portable pollution cleaning equipment for shore line cleaning. Moroever, three super suckers and submersible pumps were deployed to remove the oil spill.

"More than 80 % of the work has been completed and most of the residual work is expected to be completed within 2 to three days,” states the report.

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