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The News Minute| June 6, 2014| 6.05 pm IST Everybody is commemorating, celebrating, eating. Why should we be left behind, we asked ourselves at The News Minute and came up with this very original idea of constituting a Doggedness of the Year (DOTY) award.  We are delighted to announce – lights, camera and action – that the winner of our first DOTY award is Times Now television.  Citation: For their relentless pursuit of truth at all cost, for their courage amidst all odds and for their capacity to keep the nation on the tip of their chairs night after night. In particular, our jury members wish to highlight three stories that changed the destiny of the nation. These are stories that are etched in our collective consciousness, stories that we will tell our grandchildren, especially on those days when there’s nothing to stun the nation.  Purulia Landing On 17th December 1995, when it was dark at night, an Antonov dropped arms on a sleeping Purulia in the Indian state of West Bengal. Prime Accused “Kim Davy,” (real name Neils Holck alias Niels Chrisian Nielsen) claims it was a conspiracy hatched by the Congress government in together with RAW (Indian spies) and MI5 from James Bond country. The plan was to overthrow the communist government in Bengal and Kim Davy claims New Delhi assured him that after he drops the stuff in Purulia, he could return home to Denmark. Davy also alleges that an Indian parliamentarian Pappu Yadav, in association with the then Prime Minister of India, facilitated his safe exit from India.  Times Now television which has covered the story for far too long for anyone to remember, just regurgitated it. Kim Davy was a regular expert, appeared many times on the news show and said a lot of things – there was a lot of B-roll. Inspired by the guns and cannons at the Normandy landing ceremonies, Times Now is re-regurtitating its own stories as new facts to a stunned nation and confused set of experts.Last heard Vladimir Putin has air-dashed his emissaries to the television studios in search of a blue-print for the Antonov. Bitti Mohanty In 2006, Bitti Mohanty, son of former Rajasthan DGP B.B. Mohanty, was accused of raping his German girlfriend. That son of a gun skipped parole and went missing. Times Now television swung into action, air-dashed here, there and everywhere and mounted a 100-days campaign to hunt the Mohanty.  In 2013, a Bitti Mohanty look-alike surfaced in Kerala. An informant wrote to Times Now, the channel swum into action and a Bitti Mohanty is in jail. This Bitti now tells the police that he is not THE Bitti.  We don’t know about you, but our batti (lights) just went out following the 100-day campaign. We don’t know who is in jail and we suspect Times Now doesn’t either. Anil Bastawade Slow news day? Bring out the Bastawadé. Yes, the same guy who was swimming in his shorts at some exotic pool – obviously. You don’t expect him to be paddling in a bath-tub do you? He even emerged out of the waters like Daniel Craig, complete with narrow eyes and sweat-beads and measured thumps of his feet. Oh, he is also Madhu Koda’s friend, accused in the INR 3,500 crore money-laundering case in Jharkhand. Times Now television followed him in Indonesia, wherever he went, including underwater where he presumably was washing some money.  Bastawade is now in prison and we are counting on Times Now to pounce on him should he even think of bail. In fact, we are convinced that fear of the channel has dissuaded Bastawadé from even thinking about bail.