DMK will protect N Ram if Centre takes action against him: MK Stalin

DMK chief MK Stalin was speaking at a public rally in Nagercoil on Wednesday, headed by Congress chief Rahul Gandhi.
DMK will protect N Ram if Centre takes action against him: MK Stalin
DMK will protect N Ram if Centre takes action against him: MK Stalin
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With a little over a month left for the state of Tamil Nadu to cast its vote in the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, Congress President Rahul Gandhi and DMK President MK Stalin came together in a show of unity. Speaking at the public rally organised by the Congress party in Nagercoil, Stalin slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, terming the upcoming elections the second war of Indian independence.

“Tamil Nadu and India cannot be liberated without defeating these two governments (AIADMK in state, BJP at the Centre). What we are facing is not just an election, but a battle for saving democracy. It is not just change of government; but the shift of power. We have joined hands with Rahul Gandhi in the war to capture power from the fascist Modi,” asserted Stalin, reiterating his proposal that the Congress chief should be the Prime Ministerial candidate for the 2019 elections.

Welcoming Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, Stalin said, “I ask Rahul Gandhi to make India shine because it has plunged into darkness. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi, wearing new dresses and caps and roaming the world, India is not shining. Mr Modi came to power by making a false promise on growth, growth and growth. We, however, see only decline, decline and decline.”

Comparing Modi to one who locks up an entire village just to zero in on one thief, Stalin compared PM Modi's government to a ‘Thuglak darbar’. “He said his government was without any scam; Isn’t Rafale not enough? When the scam was out, the government said it was a lie. N. Ram of The Hindu exposed the scam with evidence that extra 41% had been paid to buy the fighter aircrafts. They said the documents had been stolen. Mr Ram is being threatened. Mr Ram is saying that he cannot be intimidated. If action is taken against Mr Ram, the DMK will not only condemn, but will also offer protection to him,” he said.

“Mr Modi, India and the Hindu have turned against you. You won the election by using the two words— Hindu and Ram. Now you are scared of these two words. Mr Modi is thinking of India only now. The non-resident Prime Minister has launched his campaign.” he said.

Stalin went onto to criticise the Prime Minister for his newfound love of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Kamaraj, asking, “The Sangh Parivar took out a rally in Delhi in 1966 in support of a ban on cow slaughter and indulged in violence. They barged into the house of Kamaraj and set it to fire. Can Mr Modi, the descendent of that gang, speak about Kamaraj?”

Stating that former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi had constructed a memorial for Kamaraj in Kanyakumari, Stalin also asked, “Has Mr Modi done anything for Kamaraj? Mr Modi who seeks to get votes in the name of Sardar Vallabhai Pater in North India tries to use the trick in the South by invoking Kamaraj’s name. We really feel sorry for Mr Modi. Could he not find any leader in the BJP to get votes? You are not able to find a leader worth his salt. Nothing could be more shameful than this.”

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