“We are no one to say what is right and what is wrong…do whatever is right for you. We did just that,” she affirms.

Dileeps proposal came just a week before wedding claims Kavya in first interview post-marriageKavya Facebook page
news Entertainment Thursday, December 08, 2016 - 12:30

Actor Kavya Madhavan insisted that her marriage with her onscreen hit-partner Dileep was the fulfillment of the wishes of countless fans who longed for the couple to unite…much more than the actors themselves did.

In an exclusive interview given to Star and Style magazine -the first one post-marriage- Kavya said that Dileep’s family approached her parents with the marriage proposal just a week before the wedding. That was why not everyone could be informed.

“Just a week before, his relatives approached my parents with the proposal. They checked our horoscopes and it matched,” she avers. Why does not that surprise anyone…maybe Kerala’s impending drought has something to do with it.

Kavya goes on to talk about how her parents were in search of the perfect match for her, looking at numerous proposals. And finally they zeroed in on Dileep.

“Like every other father and mother, they too wanted me to have a companion.”

She did not forget to reiterate how both Dileep and she never succumbed to the pressure of living together despite a lot of unwarranted gossip….that is till now..

“We had never thought of marrying. He was my best friend in the industry. I respect him more as an individual than an actor. He gives a lot of importance to personal relationships,” she solemnly shares.

Kavya also had some wedding 'gyaan' for readers and said that some opt for love marriages, others go in for the arranged ones, while a few others just live-in together. “We are no one to say what is right and what is wrong…do whatever is right for you. We did just that,” she affirms.

Kavya also spoke of her subtle but stylish make-over on her wedding day. 

“Jasmine flowers are the first thing I think of when it comes to weddings. Since childhood, I have always worn them in my hair whenever I attended any marriage. I am so glad I could wear them for my own wedding too,” she gushes.

The elegant green-bordered Kerala sari that Kavya adorned was designed by her own boutique Lakshyah. So that’s that….at least she will have something to keep her busy, in case she ever decides to quit cinedom. Now what would Dileep have to say to that.…just wondering.