Dileep's driver Appunni 'admits' he knew Pulsar Suni in Malayalam actor assault case

After going into hiding for over two weeks, Appunni appeared before the investigating team on Monday.
Dileep's driver Appunni 'admits' he knew Pulsar Suni in Malayalam actor assault case
Dileep's driver Appunni 'admits' he knew Pulsar Suni in Malayalam actor assault case
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Weeks after claiming that he didn’t know Pulsar Suni, the prime accused in the abduction and alleged sexual assault of the woman actor, Dileep's driver Appunni has now told the investigating team that he did know Suni. 

On Monday, Appunni, who had been absconding for over two weeks after actor Dileep's arrest in July, appeared before the investigating team.

After he reached Aluva Police Club in the morning, following a police notice served to him, the police reportedly grilled Appunni for at least six hours.

According to reports, Appunni told the police that he knew Pulsar Suni, from the time the latter was working as a driver for actor-turned-politician Mukesh. 

Going by regional media reports, Appunni also admitted to the police that Suni contacted him over phone after the latter's arrest and that he had gone to meet Vishnu- Suni's cellmate- after he received a phone call from Suni. 

In the remand report filed by the police, they had found evidence to prove that Appunni did have telephonic conversations with Suni. And that during this time, Dileep was also with Appunni.

It was at the behest of Dileep that Appunni responded to Suni's call and feigned unfamiliarity.

Unable to pass on a letter written by Suni to Appunni in person, Vishnu had sent a photo of the letter to Appunni via WhatsApp.

Appunni reportedly told the police that he had informed Dileep about the phone calls he received from Suni after the latter's arrest.

Television reports also state that Appunni has denied any knowledge about the conspiracy and maintained that he was not aware if Dileep knew Suni, although Suni had been present at a few shooting locations of the actor over the years. 

Meanwhile, Angamaly Magistrate court has extended Pulsar Suni's remand period for another 14 days.

While he was brought to the court on Tuesday, reporters asked him whether all the people related to the case had been arrested. To this, Suni answered in the negative. 

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