Dileep arrested in Malayalam actor abduction case: Who will be next?

Will Monday’s big arrest send the dominoes falling in the Kerala film industry?
Dileep arrested in Malayalam actor abduction case: Who will be next?
Dileep arrested in Malayalam actor abduction case: Who will be next?
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On Monday evening, popular Malayalam actor Dileep was arrested in connection with the abduction and rape of a woman actor, back in February.

The Kerala police arrested Dileep around two weeks after interrogating him. According to sources, the police have solid proof of Dileep’s involvement in the case.

But another name has been taken in the same breath as Dileep’s as far as the case goes: That of director Nadirshah, a close friend of Dileep’s.

In fact, when Dileep was questioned in a marathon interrogation by the Kerala police on June 28, Nadirshah, too, was quizzed about his alleged involvement in the abduction and rape of the actor. The duo were questioned separately about their real estate dealings, however, according to reports, their statements did not match each other’s.

Following Dileep’s arrest, reports say that it is very likely that Nadirshah, too, will be taken into police custody soon.

It is not just Nadirshah and Dileep, but Kavya Madhavan's involvement too had been probed. In the letter written by Pulsar Suni, he had mentioned that he had handed over the memory card with visuals of the female actor's assault to someone in a shop run by Kavya Madhavan.

It was earlier this month that the investigation extended to Dileep's family, including his wife. The police raided the office of Kavya Madhavan's online store Laksyah last week.

Following the raid, it was reported that the police were able to recover visuals of the assault from Laksyah, that Pulsar Suni had managed to deliver at the office.

The point of speculation then turned to Kavya's mother, when reports came in that it was her mother who managed Laksyah. There was also a reference to a 'Madam' in a conversation that Pulsar Suni's friends had with a lawyer. Suni's friends had told the lawyer that they were reporting to a madam.

Feny Balakishnan, a lawyer, had claimed that Suni's friends had visited him seeking help to surrender. The friends allegedly told the lawyer that they would discuss it with "madam" and get back. The investigations centered around this, led to speculations of Kavya's mother's involvement.

Reports suggest that both Kavya and her mother could be arrested soon for their alleged involvement in the conspiracy.

Even Dileep’s brother is being investigated as the police suspect that he too has a role in the alleged conspiracy. 

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