Did Tharoor name them? KTR wonders at 'unpronounceable' COVID drug names

Shashi Tharoor denied the 'charge' and said that left to him, he would have even named the drugs 'GoCoroNaGo'.
Collage of Shashi Tharoor in black and KTR in white
Collage of Shashi Tharoor in black and KTR in white
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The names of drugs used in COVID-19 treatment are in the news constantly, evoking a sense of gloom and despair. But for once, the names have led to a moment of hilarity on Twitter. Telangana minister and Working President of the TRS, KT Rama Rao, posted the names of these drugs and wondered who had come up with such complicated names. The needle of suspicion fell on Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, who is well-known for using polysyllabic words that no one has heard of before.

"Posaconazole, Cresemba, Tocilzumab, Remdesivir, Liposomal Amphoterecin, Flavipiravir, Molnupiravir, Baricitinib...And the list goes on..." KTR tweeted, asking who had come up with such unpronounceable names. In his next tweet, he said that he feels Shashi Tharoor "pakka" has something to do with it.

Taking the joke in his stride, Shashi Tharoor declared himself not guilty and added two new words to everyone's vocabulary: floccinaucinihilipilification and procrustean. He also used the opportunity to take a jibe at Baba Ramdev and the BJP, quipping that if left to him, he would have named the drugs 'CoroNil', 'CoroZero' or even 'GoCoroNaGo'.

We will save you the effort of finding a dictionary. 'Floccinaucinihilipilification' means 'the action or habit of estimating something as worthless' while 'procrustean' means 'enforcing uniformity or conformity without regard to natural variation or individuality'.

Shashi Tharoor's penchant for using rare words inspired publishing house Penguin to get the author to write a book called Tharoorosaurus which has a list of unusual words, their meanings, origin and even anecdotes.

The exchange between KTR and Tharoor led to much mirth on the social media platform, with followers interjecting with their own complicated words and jokes.

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