Did Dileep have access to sexual assault clip? Police seek probe

Did Dileep influence witnesses? Did he have the sexual assault clip with him? These are the questions the police wants to look into
Did Dileep have access to sexual assault clip? Police seek probe
Did Dileep have access to sexual assault clip? Police seek probe
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In a big development in the Kerala actor assault case, a further investigation has been sought by the Kerala police. This move comes days after a man named Balachandrakumar levelled serious allegations against actor Dileep, who has been accused of being the mastermind behind the conspiracy to abduct and sexually assault the woman actor in February 2017. 

Balachandrakumar, who claims to be Dileep’s friend, said in an interview to Reporter Live channel that Dileep knew accused number 1 Pulsar Suni very well, and that he’d asked Balachandrakumar not to reveal this fact to the police. He’d also claimed that Dileep was in possession of the clip that had visuals of the sexual assault, even before Dileep and his lawyers watched it at the magistrate’s chamber in December 2017. Further, Balachandrakumar claimed that the audio in the original clip was enhanced for Dileep’s viewing. Prima facie, the claim seems to hold water since a source from the prosecution’s team told TNM that the audio in the clip watched by Dileep and his legal team at the magistrate’s chamber was faint but despite this, they had cited words from it in a bid to claim that the sexual assaut was fake. In January 2018, the prosecution had alleged in court that Dileep may indeed have accessed the clip earlier.

A police officer told TNM that they will investigate all allegations levelled by Balachandrakumar including that the audio was enhanced in Lal studio, owned by director Lal. 

Balachandrakumar also alleged that Dileep had influenced the prosecution’s witness Sagar, an employee at Dileep’s wife, Kavya Madhavan’s shop Laksyah, where Pulsar Suni allegedly delivered visuals of the assault. 

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