The catchy song gives us a ringside view of the numerous ways in which people break traffic rules.

Did daddy get you an Audi Chennai Traffic Polices stylish gaana song for you boys
Social Road Safety Tuesday, June 13, 2017 - 17:22

The Chennai Traffic Police has come up with a stylish gaana song to remind people about the traffic rules that they're so fond of breaking - from riding without helmets to underage drivers zooming on the roads with their parents' blessings. 

Sung by Ghana Bala, the road safety awareness video has visuals of the numerous ways in which public safety is compromised by irresponsible behaviour, including drinking and driving which has become a major problem in the city. 

Featuring mostly men and boys (doesn't the Chennai traffic police think there are enough women drivers or do they feel they don't need the advice?), the catchy song gives one a ringside view from the perspective of a traffic cop who gets questioned for pulling up people who break the rules. 

There are the rich daddies who buy Audi cars and give them to their sons, there are the boys who modify the silencers on their bike and race down the roads, the stylish men who don't bother wearing a helmet - phew, this is a long list indeed.

Despite the sobering footage of accidents, the video is not without its humour: 

"EMI-la vandiya vaangi, Yaman-ah vambuku izhukaadha" (after buying a vehicle by paying EMI, don't mess with Yama) goes one such line. 


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