Abhishek Bachchan and Aditi Mittal spar on Twitter.

Did Aishwarya ever marry a tree Abhishek Bachchan says theyre still looking for it
Flix Trolling Thursday, September 08, 2016 - 16:36

Amitabh Bachchan’s letter to his granddaughters has earned him praise and scathing criticism. While many have appreciated the gesture, others have pointed out that his letter was probably a promotion for his upcoming film, “Pink”, and that he hasn’t apologized for making his daughter-in-law marry a tree.

 For those who didn’t understand that, Aishwarya is supposed to be a manglik, which according to superstitious beliefs, will result in the death of her spouse. “Marrying” a tree and then felling it is one of the ways in which people get out of this “curse” – as in, the tree becomes the husband who dies soon after. There’s a “creative” solution for you! 

However, did Aishwarya really marry a tree or was it only a rumour? The Bachchan family has denied that such a ritual ever took place even as a lawsuit was filed against Aishwarya for promoting a regressive tradition. 

Stand-up comedian Aditi Mittal was among those who jumped into the debate on Twitter. She took a dig at Junior Bachchan’s acting talent while she was at it.

But Abhishek, who is known for giving it back, was quick to respond:

Aditi laughed when she saw the sportive reply.

What about the tree?

Aditi graciously made a self-joke and retired.