Dhanush medical report is clear, no body marks as claimed by Madurai couple, say doctors

The doctors’ report goes against the claims of the old couple that he is their son.
Dhanush medical report is clear, no body marks as claimed by Madurai couple, say doctors
Dhanush medical report is clear, no body marks as claimed by Madurai couple, say doctors
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In a huge relief to popular Tamil actor Dhanush and his family in Chennai, two court-appointed doctors who examined the body marks on Dhanush stated that the alleged identification marks were not to be seen on his body. An old couple claiming to be Dhanush's parents had stated earlier that he had a mole and a scar on his body which would prove that he is their son. 

Dr. MR Vairamuthu Raja, Dean of the Madurai Medical College (MMC), and Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram, Vice Principal of MMC, stated in the report that no mole over the left collar bone or scar on the left elbow were seen.

Several media outlets had reported late on Monday night that the report seems to be supporting the claim of Kathiresan and Meenakshi, the old couple from Melur in Madurai. However, The News Minute spoke to Dr. Vairamuthu Raja on Tuesday, and he clarified that the report was very clear. “There are no marks on his body, and we have also stated clearly that if there was any attempt to remove a mole, there would be marks, and that there is no possibility of removing a scar without traces.”

The court had asked the doctors three questions. One, does Dhanush have the said body marks, two, is it possible to remove these body marks through surgery, and three, if there would be any trace or proof of these removal procedures, if they had been conducted.

Answering the first question, the doctors very clearly stated that there was no mole or scar at the said spots in his body.

To the second question, the doctors stated that it is possible to remove ‘a small superficial mole’ completely, but a scar cannot be removed entirely, it can only be reduced by surgery.

To the third question, the doctors responded that only a small superficial mole can be removed without a trace, but if it was a large mole, traces of that can be seen through a Dermascope. They reiterate that a scar cannot be removed without trace.

This effectively goes against the claim of Kathiresan and Meenakshi that Dhanush is their son. The case has been adjourned to March 27.

In November last year, Kathiresan and Meenakshi had filed a maintenance case before a court at Melur stating that the actor was their son, Kalaichelvan, who had changed his name to Dhanush after he dropped out of Class 11 and went to Chennai in 2002. They sought a monthly maintenance of Rs. 65,000 from him.

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