The video shows how people may seem fine but just need someone who'll listen.

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Social Mental health Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 15:14

The competitive society that we live in expects us to be strong, juggle multiple things, constantly subject ourselves to scrutiny and still be "fine". The pressure is too much to take sometimes, but society isn't kind to people who succumb. 

Breaking the taboo around depression and mental illness, The Live Laugh Love Foundation (TLLLF) released a video on Tuesday for its campaign “Dobara Poocho'” (Ask again). Watch:

According to WHO numbers, 350 million people worldwide are affected by depression. But because of the stigma associated with it, coupled with the apathy and lack of understanding about the condition, it is often hard for patients to open up.

As businesswoman Neha Hiranandani mentions in her recounting of her own battle with depression in The Indian Express, sometimes there need not be any triggers for an episode to occur. Sometimes, there is no single reason you can pinpoint to and when she realised that she didn't have answers for her friends' questions about her illness, she stopped talking about it altogether.

The TLLLF video shows people from various categories suffering from depression: a young woman breaking down in the arms of her friend, a young working professional struggling to form words when his friend asks him if something is wrong, a young boy crying when his father tells him that he's willing to talk, an old man weeping when his wife asks him if he's really fine. This not only shows that breaking down and venting, for anyone, of any age, is okay, it also tells us that anyone can be the person who breaks the cycle and ask the victim what’s going on.


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