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The News Minute | February 13, 2014 | 10.30 pm IST Most people would recognize the lizard as the thing that makes a weird sound that is impossible to reproduce in the English language. Most people also recognize the lizard as a creature that loves the walls in their houses. So what is a lizard doing in a Valentine’s Day celebration. Or rather, opposition to the Valentine’s Da celebration. Read on to not find out. On Friday, a pamphlet was being circulated in the Frazer Town area of Bengaluru after evening prayers at the Madrasa e Zainab located near the Haji Sir Ismail Sait Mosque. Apart from offering theological education, the madrasa also offers classes for adults. There are around 10 schools in the area. This pamphlet was distributed in Urdu and English. Locals say a similar pamphlet was circulated even last year.  The Tamil Nadu Thavheeth Jamath has declared meanwhile that Valentine's Day is equal to prostitution. Quite a few days before this pamphlet made an appearance, the Hindu Mahasabha in Mangalore, like similar organizations elsewhere, have been saying that they will marry off couples who they might find, celebrating their love. Read- In conversation with Hindu Maha Sabha's social warrior But the marriage thing is just so passé, and the (possibly) original proponents of this formula threat of Valentine’s Day the Sri Rama Sene, had this year came up with a new formula: they re-invented the formula to come up with a celebration of V-Day as Parents’ Day. A sly celebration of sex perhaps? Just an aside here. A few years ago, when Sene founder Pramod Muthalik participated in a discussion organized by the Journalists’ Study Centre in Mangaluru, a member of the audience asked him what he would do if someone “proposed” him on Valentine’s Day. He laughed it off saying: “My time has passed.” Well, getting back to Valentine's day, people are now taking “love” into their own hands and talking back to the loony tunes. A group called the Coalition Against Immoral Policing is organizing the “Occupy Valentine’s: A Walk Against (Im)moral Policing” event. Couples who have crossed social rules about being a heterogenous individual marrying within caste / religion, will meet in the city and speak to people about their love stories. Not the Hindi film / Mills and Boon style, but real solid stories of love and companionship and overcoming attacks, both physical and emotional to be with the people they love. Another even in the city will also focus on talking about love. Organized by the Democratic Youth Federation of India, inter-caste and inter-faith couples will meet and talk about their own stories of love. There are the loonies of all shades this year, and so many shades of love, like in the past, but this Valentine’s Day will go down in history for the unsolved mystery of the Valentine Lizard. Tweet
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