This was the first time after demonetisation that banks were closed for three consecutive days.

Demonetisation Andhra witnesses long queues after three-day bank holidayPTI/Image for representation
news Demonetisation Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 08:42

After a three-day long bank holiday, long queues returned at bank branches and ATMs across Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday.

This was the first time after demonetisation that banks were closed for three consecutive days.

 However, the situation of ATMs in Visakhapatnam remained the same as before with most of them without any cash. 

 Working ATMs were packed since morning, while majority of the people preferred to withdraw money from bank counters for lump sum amounts. 

 Banks in the city witnessed rush till closing time.  

 Problems of change continued in nearly 33 ATMs in several areas, of which only seven dispensed cash, and most of them dispensed only Rs 2,000 notes. 

 Vizag MP, K. Haribabu, visited Andhra Bank Seethammadhara branch and asked them to take stock of the situation on the ground. People informed him that they were unable to withdraw money from HSBC ATMs with cards of other banks.

 “In the two ATMs, we have loaded Rs 4 lakh each twice in the day, including Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes,” chief manager of Andhra Bank, Akkayapalem, M Sudheer Babu told The New Indian Express. He also mentioned that the pension clearance for almost all the pensioners has been done, while those having Rs 1,000 as pension are yet to get it. 

 Over Rs 37 lakh was deposited by customers on Tuesday in Andhra bank, including the old notes. Observing the difficult situation of the customers, the bank provided Rs 500, Rs 2,000 and Rs 100 notes, he added.

 As government has made it mandatory to draw pension through banks, pensioners were seen standing in queues at the branches since early morning. 

 The Deccan Chronicle report said that nearly Rs 500 crore has been disbursed to over 3.10 lakh pensioners including pension for the aged, widowed and disabled.